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NQ Pool Guy is owned and operated by Sterling and Angela Anderson. Sterling was born and bred in Townsville before a 20 year career in the Royal Australian Air Force. He moved his young family to Townsville during an overseas deployment to have family support and never left again, calling Townsville home again for the last 10 years. 

Sterling has completed the following training to support as part of this personal development at NQ Pool Guy:

– Cert IV Small Business Management (RMIT, Princes Lead Your Own Business Program)

– Cert III Swimming Pool & Spa Service

– Commercial Pool Technician Program

– Pool and Spa Hydraulic Systems (Hydraulics) – Professional Level 1

– Pool and Spa Water Quality (Chemistry) – Professional Level 1

Sterling is still an active member of the Air Force Reserves and completes reserve days throughout the year in support of local operations. 

At NQ Pool Guy we support local by purchasing our equipment and chemicals from local providers who are able to store these items within their warehouses (noting we are a mobile business with no shop front of our own). When you support NQ Pool Guy it is not just our local business you are helping. 



Have you ever called for a service and the technician shows up looking like they just stepped off the beach?

Sterling arrives in our NQ Pool Guy uniform with appropriate safety items making him easily identified by you and your neighbours with the added comfort knowing he is adequately protected in your yard. 

Have you ever had a technician that acts like he wants to be somewhere else?

Sterling does not have quotas to fill and time limits set on him. If your pool needs extra love and attention on any particular visit, he is there until the job is done. You having a healthy, sparking pool to come home to, is our mission everyday.

Has your technician not turned up or turned up 3 weeks later? Maybe just never came back?

Sometimes Sterling needs to reschedule jobs, being the only technician it is inevitable. However, you are always contacted and a suitable plan is put in place so that both parties are happy. You can rest assured all attempts will be made to make contact with you if any changes need to be made or if Sterling is running late to a dedicated appointment time. 

NQ Pool Guy wants you to have a pool experience that you can enjoy without having to deal with all the stress of maintaining it. We promise to treat you with honour and integrity while providing you with an excellent service.

NQ Pool Guy takes pride in providing high quality service with a timely response to customer’s service needs. We feature:

  • Comprehensive digital water testing, like you receive if you take your water to a pool shop.
  • Trained pool service technician, who is a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association, keeping current on industry news.
  • Supply and installation of most brand new equipment with access to an extensive support network to deliver timely results.
  • A full maintenance plan, for domestic and commercial pool owners, plan ahead for maintenance tasks like media changes, allowing customers to budget. 
  • Pool maintenance lessons, for the DIYer, maintain your pool like a service technician, includes a custom booklet with all the data you need relevant to your pool. 
  • Effective stain treatment and removal service

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